Where to put my QR code?

Where to put my QR code?

Coronavirus is at the forefront of everybody's mind, and the concept of checking-in with a QR code is not longer alien to the majority of the public. Even before the release of the NHS Covid-19 application and associated Test and Trace posters, there were QR codes and 'Track and Trace' signs popping up everywhere from Costa to your local pub.

There is a difference however, between putting up a poster and genuinely encouraging the all important buy in and subsequent check-in from your customers. The key is in how you present your QR code, and how available you make it. There's no point having it on the wall behind the bar, no one can reach it there, and right in the entrance - well it's obvious... but if it's busy will people want to loiter to scan it?  

How to present the QR code.

  1. Keep the message clear. It's tempting to try and add in all of the information 'Hands. Face. Space.' 'Wash your hands for 20 seconds', 'social distancing is important'. But this can lead to a VERY busy poster, where the message to check-in gets a little lost.
  2. While we're on the subject of the message, don't forget not everyone can scan a QR code. You must make sure all of the essential information is clear, including a link to our website and your unique location ID so those without the ability to scan a QR code can check-in directly on the website instead; or know to ask a member of staff to manually check them in.
  3. A little colour goes a long way. Sometimes all it takes is a pop of colour to really catch the eye. Even if that colour is just in a box, or a thick solid border, it will help make your QR code stand out on it's white background. A red border typically makes people think of 'alert' or 'warning', while a blue border tends to make people in think of healthcare.
  4. We've given you free access to download your QR code for a reason. Create something with your branding on so visitors and staff know it's official, and are more likely to trust it. Let's face it, you've come to us so you and your visitors don't get harassed by marketing companies, and you don't want our branding all over your venue. So put your own up!
  5. Make it clear that your QR code is not the NHS Covid-19 Test and Trace QR code. Do not include any NHS branding, so no one gets confused (although you can guarantee there will always be one..)

Where to display my QR code?

Try thinking beyond homemade posters and the endless battle with laminating machines. You know what I mean - waiting for them to heat up, then watching it feed in wonky, and get chewed into a illegible mess.  

You are investing in our platform because you care, and take the threat of Covid 19 seriously. So invest in your presentation and display of your QR code.

Foam Boards. A very popular option for outdoors venues such as football clubs, they're smart, easy to install, weather resistant and wipe clean - and all for a relatively low cost.  

Vinyl Stickers. Far more durable than their cheap paper counterparts, so don't be put off by the initial higher cost. They're strong, wipe clean and can be applied almost anywhere such as seat backs, table tops and windows. They are a popular option in the hospitality industry, being far more discrete than posters and less intrusive on the atmosphere.

Window Stickers. You have to be a little careful with these, sometimes the window reflection can interfere, and please don't pop one on your car! But many football clubs have found them great for clubhouses, dugouts and changing rooms and they're another relatively cheap option.

Paper Stickers. Not to be trumped completely, these are low cost and you can even print them at home yourself. Ideal for the catering industry if you already have menus designed and printed, but housed within wipe clean pockets. Paper stickers allow you to update all of your menus quickly and easy without having to print them all again.      

Beer Mats. An option which is clearly trade specific. But makes the most out of resources every customer uses regularly.

Business Cards. Many football teams have been using business cards to help their teams check in quickly and easily, especially youth teams. Given to the parents to keep in their car, it's easy to whip it out check-in their child, then pop it back in the side pocket or glove box.

Posters. Ah the humble poster, design it properly and you'll be able to print it off at home. Although it's cheap enough to have one printed out professionally, just make sure you go for a matte finish, it's easier for phones to scan that way. Then pop them up where ever is best for you, the entrance, doors, walls, dugouts, clubhouses, changing rooms, toilets (let's face it everyone takes their phone with them in there, these days!)

Social Media. I don't suppose you were expecting this one? Never underestimate the power of social media. Yes there's plenty of fake news on there, but there's also relevant informative articles (like this one). Plenty of venues have taken to reminding visitors over social media that they will be expected to check-in upon arrival. Pop up a picture of your QR code, however/wherever it's positioned and visitors will be able to look out for it upon arrival.

Why not go one step further and tag us in on the post? That way your visitors have the chance to check us out as a company, and satisfy themselves that their data is genuinely safe in our hands.

So there you are, some nuggets of wisdom from our customers collective experiences so far. But if you still aren't sure how to get started, or where to source these items. We are happy to source prices for you and discuss any challenges you may be encountering.

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