How to get your NHS QR code up and running

As of the 24th September 2020, any business, place of worship or community organisation open to the public needs to register and display the NHS Covid-19 QR poster, to facilitate the public checking-in with the NHS app. This also applies to an event taking place in a physical location. For a more detailed list of venue which are required to display an NHS QR poster please click here.

Registering online is easy, simply visit the government website and follow the step by step instructions, asking for your name, business name, address and other contact details.

You can register more than one venue, just make sure you have their addresses handy, along with the contact details of the manager for that location (name, phone number and email address).

Once you have registered, you'll receive an email with your QR poster attached ready for you to download, print and display.

Just a few key points to note:

  • Each venue/unique location will require it's own QR code
  • Codes can be displayed on a screen instead of on printed materials, if required
  • You must run a backup test and trace system, to facilitate the checking-in of those who cannot, or will not use the NHS app
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